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Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy



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Keeping safe week 2016 (13 images)

Bishop's Mass 2016 (24 images)

Year 3 First Holy Communion 2016 (11 images)

Queen's 90th Birthday Street Party 21st April 2016 (19 images)

Mother's day liturgy 2016 (10 images)

Author day (32 images)

Year 4 Collective Worship 2015 (9 images)

CAFOD sponsored walk and fruit share 2015 (22 images)

National International Day 2015 (18 images)

The GSA Chaplaincy team 2014-15 (9 images)

The GSA Chaplaincy team 2015-16 (22 images)

Welcome Mass September 2015 (6 images)

The Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy (55 images)

A snapshot of life at The Good Shepherd

Leo Rex 2015 (32 images)

Year 6 Leavers' Mass 2015 (6 images)

Foundation Collective Worship 2015 (13 images)

Chaplaincy team 2015 (6 images)

Year 4 Camping 2015 (15 images)

Hathersage 2015 - 5JB (43 images)

Sports day 2015 (12 images)

Year 3 Collective worship 2015 (14 images)

Year 3 Circus Skills May 2015 (17 images)

Year 3 FHC Mass May 2015 (28 images)

Year 1 Collective Worship May 2015 (10 images)

Year 1 Perlethorpe May 2015 (33 images)

Hathersage 2015 - 5AM (147 images)

Maths day 2015 Key Stage 2 (25 images)

The Way of The Cross - Year 5 2015 (42 images)

Key Stage 1 Easter disco March 2015 (24 images)

Sierra Leone Assembly March 2015 (24 images)

Mother's day Liturgy March 2015 (19 images)

Ali Baba - Year 4 February 2015 (7 images)

Maths day 2015 Key Stage 1 (49 images)

Faith in Families March 2015 (7 images)

Fairtrade assembly - Feb 2015 (11 images)

High visibility jackets - Feb 2015 (7 images)

Year 2 Aboriginal Art February 2015 (5 images)

Year 2 collective worship 30/1/2015 (17 images)

Gingerbread Men making in Year 1 (10 images)

Mad Science assembly Jan 2015 (6 images)

Year 1 Christmas Nativity (2 images)

Mr Whittle final Mass (32 images)

Christmas dinner 2014 (9 images)

Key Stage 1 Christmas disco 2014 (28 images)

Year 1 and 2 donned their dancing their dancing shoes at a fantastic Christmas disco! They enjoyed the music and all the fun activities on offer by FrOGS

Year 5 National Space Centre Trip (11 images)

Year 5 visited the National Space Centre in Leicester to cover the Earth, Sun and Moon work they have been doing in science. They also worked in teams to program a Mars Rover as part of the computing curriculum for this term. Looks like they had a fantastic day!

CAFOD Sponsored Walk and Big Share 2014 (15 images)

After postponing our walk due to poor weather on Monday, the children were excited to get their walking boots on and raise money for a worthwhile cause. We walked around the school grounds in our houses and finished with a colourful fruit share. Thank you to all the parents for providing us with so many delicious fruits! Please make sure you remember to collect all your sponsorship money for this worthy charity.

Challenge 999 with Year 5 & 6 (11 images)

Year 5 & 6's day with the Challenge 999 team. They had a brilliant time but also learnt valuable skills, from taking the bus safely to CPR! The children enjoyed learning new things and have come away with new confidence in themselves.

PC Paul Kanikowski with Key Stage 1 (3 images)

Key Stage 1 has a visit from PC 932 Paul Kanikowski's to talk about anti-bullying and 'Safer Stranger'. They were so involved and loved to answer questions! They learnt lots important messages about what bullying means to them and how they can help each other.

GEM106 Visit The Good Shepherd (17 images)

Sam and Amy from GEM106 came to entertain everyone and have some fun. They also brought Dangerous Dave and Sammy, their dancing hamster which everyone loved.

Harvest Mass donations (2 images)

Briars 2014 (20 images)

RESIDENTIALS: Tuesday 23rd September Our year 6 classes are having a wonderful time at The Briars Catholic Youth Retreat Centre in Crich, Derbyshire. This morning half of the group visited the Crich Tramway Village, we had a great time studying sculptures and riding the trams. Luckily the sun was shining too! Watch out for more Briars updates...coming soon!

Mrs Chadwick's Class go to Hathersage (20 images)

Have a look at the adventures Mrs Chadwick's class got up to when they went to Hathersage in June.

World War One Commemoration Poppy Planting (8 images)

On May 21st a group of pupils from years 4 to 6 went to Arnot Hill Park to help plant poppy seeds around the war memorial and the bowling green. This was part of Gedling Borough Council’s memorial of the centenary of the outbreak of the war. It is hoped that the poppies will flower over the summer reminding everyone who sees them of the sacrifice made for us by the brave soldiers.

Residentials: 5AM Hathersage - by Hannah (20 images)

I went to Hathersage for a week with school it was amazing. Here’s what we did: • Orienteering with Bill the manager of St Michaels (where we stayed). It was fun, we got a map and we were in partners. We had to figure out where to go to get to the next point. I learnt how to use a map properly. • We also did a village quiz, we got to learn and explore the village. You find interesting things out that you would never knew. It was very interesting. • One of the walks we did was Padley. We got to explore and to go through the Padley Woods. We had to use a map to find Mr Whittle. At Padley we visited Padley Chapel and we learnt about the history of Hathersage and the Reformation. We got to explore Padley. It was my favourite part. • We also got to do a stream study. We found a water shrimp and a frog. • We did dry stone-walling. We made a big wall, we use 100 stones, you will love it. • Another of the walks was Stanage Edge. It was amazing, it was really high up. We learnt a lot about habitats, we saw lots of beautiful insects. It was raining but we still enjoyed it. I think everyone should go to Hathersage especially if you like history. I know the rest of my class really enjoyed it. I want to go back. You have no idea how fun it is. You should go. Hannah Fretwell Aged 9

World Book Day (2 images)

We celebrated world book day in school with the 'Great Good Shepherd Reading Festival'! All the children brought in a favourite book from home and shared it with their 'book buddy'. The children enjoyed sharing the different stories and learning about new authors. The children also enjoyed spending their book vouchers at the book fair after school.

Science Day (12 images)

The whole school enjoyed investigating and experimenting today! All children worked on three different investigations, having the opportunity to work with new teachers throughout the day. Children investigated a wide range of scientific problems and tried their hand at creating lava lamps, growing plants, testing paper aeroplanes, making ice cream and lots of other activities to challenge their scientific understanding. Most importantly everyone had lots of fun!

Gardening Club (6 images)

FrOGS run a gardening club that meet together at various points throughout the year to keep our grounds and gardens in tip top condition!

CAFOD Sponsored Walk and Big Share (17 images)

To raise money for CAFOD, the whole school had a sponsored walk around the grounds last week. We walked in our houses with house captains providing support and encouragement to younger house members. Year 4 then led us in Collective Worship. We finished the afternoon by having a giant picnic! All the children brought fruit in their house colour to share with everyone. We all had lots of yummy fruit, some good exercise and most importantly raised vital funds for the CAFOD appeal.

Year 1 Apple Pressing (8 images)

Year 1 had a fantastic morning picking, washing and pressing apples! A big thank you to FROGs for funding the morning. Richard from St. Anne's Allotments came and showed us ways to use the apples in our wonderful orchard to make delicious apple juice.

Life at Good Shepherd Academy (11 images)

A few of the activities, lessons and events that happen throughout the school year.